Business Intelligence, “ad-hoc” consulting and training.

We call ourselves ‘POS Potential’ because we’re convinced that point-of-sale data is the best indicator of an FMCG company’s pulse, and of the quality of each encounter between brand and shopper. It’s the final judge of the results of all actions carried out by both retailers and manufacturers. When managed and analysed properly, it can help you identify actual growth potential.

We can integrate all available data in order to create a powerful benchmark universe:

We analyse your data with intuitive and specific solutions, in order to identify actual potential to sell more and better.

From ‘big data’ to ‘smart data’: being ‘smart’ means using data to simplify decision-making processes and action planning, in order to implement change.

Need more help? We put our consultants’ extensive experience at your disposal to train KAMs, category management or marketing teams to integrate data into their work.

We convert your
raw data

Integration and homogenisation

Master data management, definition of analysis dimensions

Creation of database and KPIs


KPIs presented in dynamic online reports that can be filtered and downloaded, which are organised around the key FMCG growth levers

Establishing a common language of analysis for our clients

Completed by an automatic system of push notifications


From information to analysis and ad hoc investigation



To sell more and better!

business intelligence

“Ad-Hoc” consulting

We’re proud of our in-depth knowledge of FMCG markets, and we know how to help our customers get the most out of our solutions but also how to go further in terms of personalised assessment.

The combination of smart data with our broad experience allows us to identify the best growth opportunities and help boost your sales.

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