On Shelf Availability

Out-of-stocks are a sales team’s worst nightmare. When they occur, they impact negatively a shop or chain’s turnover and brand image.

Using available daily sell-out data, we detect out-of-stock issues and offer push tools and alerts for sales and supply chain teams, minimizing their impact. Furthermore, we analyze the causes of these events in order to improve the availability of assortments in store.

Out of stock case: minimize OOS

How we can help you minimise out-of-stock events?

  • Aim: To minimise out-of-stock events.
  • What do we analyse?: We pinpoint the most affected SKUs/stores and analyse out-of-stock event patterns to identify the likely causes.
  • Key metrics (KPIs): Daily out-of-stock events per store/SKU based on sell-out data.
  • Action: Depending on the case, we can set parameters for orders, shelf space and replenishment frequency, either centrally or for each individual store.
supply chain

Increased turnover and greater shopper satisfaction.


The availability of daily sell-out data for each store helps us to monitor brands’ out-of-stock events whether in a chain or a channel. Specifically, we can:

  • Identify SKUs with abnormally low sales and compare these with in-store stock calculations, if available.
  • Identify problems with shelf or promotions placement.
  • Identify retailer supply shortages and lack of replenishment.
  • Identify stores/products with recurring cases.
  • Create a list of stores/products where action is needed and implement concrete measures.
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