Through our solutions, together we will:

  • Activate the key sales levers.
  • Identify ‘quick wins’ in an intuitive and flexible way.
  • Develop your revenue management strategies.

And reach your targets!

Our services.

surtido eficiente


We analyse the presence of the assortment at store level to ensure optimal distribution and suggest range and store clustering optimisations.

producto siempre disponible

availability (OSA)

We help you detect daily out of stocks and offer follow-up tools, as well as push notifications for sales forces and/or supply chain departments so that they can be minimised.

promociones de valor


We help you optimise your promotional investments: from promotional sales elasticity tools to evaluating the ROI of each and every action, we identify the most relevent promotional mechanisms by product, channel and store, down to the tiniest detail.

innovación impactante


We offer specific tools to follow up on new product introductions. They help you control increased distribution, follow up and compare products’ rotations and market shares at POS level in order to identify best practices and additional growth potential.

supply chain

Supply Chain

We create tools to control the supply chain flow, integrating sell-out and sell-in data so that demand planning and logistics departments can adapt their forecasts according to actual in-store stocks or logistical platforms, as well as analysed consumer demand.

pricing smart


Defining the right pricing level is one of the key challenges of marketing.. We know how to use the power of POS data to help you define your pricing strategies, optimise demand and implement a real-time follow-up process.

Sales Monitoring

We allow you to follow your sales and the pulse of your business in a simple and flexible way. You are free to segment and filter the information at the level of granularity and frequency that suits you best and have it always update ata hand to take your you decisions.

monitoring de las ventas

We bring Category Management to life.

Category management is a shared retailer/supplier process that enables the profitable growth of product categories by meeting the shopper’s needs in the most efficient way. But without data, category management is like a Formula One car without an engine stopped. We know the challenges of implementing these kinds of projects, and we help bring them to life. We make critical information and flexible analysis tools available in order to foster collaboration and boost results.

category management data shopper

The Revenue Management challenge

It’s about selling the right product, in the right format, in the right channel and at the right price. Easier said than done, right? The clarity of your strategy and availability of information are key to finding the answer. This is where smart data proves invaluable, and we are determined to help you in this pursuit.

revenue management
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