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From product marketing to shopper marketing

Modern marketing was formally born in the 30s in the United States when manufacturers moved from a production strategy (the famous quote by Henry Ford: “The customer can choose the color of his car, as long as it is black”) to a sales and marketing strategy in which the goal is to meet the consumer’s expectations in terms of product availability and characteristics.

POScast #3 – The art of reaching objectives

In this podcast I will tell you about the hierarchy between OBJECTIVE / STRATEGY and DATA. Many times I hear people who tend to mistake tasks with goals. Or overthink their strategy that lacks a clear target. Or start gathering data before knowing where they want to get to. Start by defining your objectives.

POS Data: which are the relevant KPIs at store level?

Proper tracking of point-of-sale activity is one of the keys to operational excellence. However, it is sometimes not so easy to effectively prioritize the different datasets available. The purpose of this post is to try and provide some clarity starting with making the difference between quantitative "results" data "operational excellence" indicators used to track and optimize sales at the level of each store.

“Smart data”: a generational issue?

Perhaps it’s because I’m slowly but steadily approaching the big 60, but there is a type of comment that really gets on my nerves: when a customer – or potential customer – tells me ‘our sales teams are too traditional [read: on the older side] to manage sell-out data’.