Business Intelligence and FMCG Glossary: #businessintelligencetools

Business Intelligence Tools

What are the business intelligence tools?

The work of the Department or Business Intelligence Specialist consists, in general, in the provision of data, their analysis put in context, the assessment of risks/opportunities and decision-making. To do this, they are helped by BI tools that are generally classified into three categories:

  • Data management tools: they allow to debug, standardize, extract, transform and transfer data from different sources to a given system.
  • Data discovery tools: used to collect and combine data from multiple sources using data mining to identify patterns and trends and make predictions.
  • Reporting tools: once the information is processed, these tools help to present it in a simple and visual way. They also allow information to be integrated into dashboards to assess their degree of compliance with the company’s key performance indicators (KPIs).

Currently, these tools are offered to companies through a wide range of software, the best known of which are: Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, Oracle Business Intelligence, Tableau or QlikView.

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