Direct store delivery

What is direct store delivery?

Direct store delivery is a traditional logistics model that allows a manufacturer to deliver his products directly to the point of sale.

This non-centralized logistics model is still used by few large consumer goods companies. Some big names like Danone or Bimbo continue to use it in some countries to guarantee the freshness of their product and in some cases offer very specific products!

“The ability to deliver a box of fresh donuts on a Friday for Saturday’s family breakfast”

This specific box of donuts has TWO DAYS of shelf life when it arrives at the store. It is a special weekends family format and if nobody buys it on Friday or Saturday, it will have to be thrown away on Monday.

Being able to offer this type of product to the shopper is only possible with a direct store delivery and with a logistics flow controlled from A to Z by the manufacturer.

This model enhances the brand, the experience and the moment of truth!

Its price? A highly developed and proprietary delivery and sales structure.

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