Moment of truth

What is the moment of truth?

The moment of truth was defined by Procter & Gamble as the critical fraction of time when the shopper meets the product in a store. The consequence of this encounter is the decision, yes or no, to buy the product.

This decision to choose one product versus a competitor´s sums up all the efforts of a manufacturer to convince the shopper of the relevance of his offer.

A multitude of factors explain these decisions of purchase, such as:

  • Value proposition
  • Price
  • On-shelf availability
  • Product format

Procter & Gamble also defined another moment of truth. This second moment occurs during the consumption of the product and conditions the repetition of the purchase based on the experience.

As Procter & Gamble explain, winning repeatedly in these two moments depends on a deep understanding of the shopper and the consumer thanks to numerous studies leading to define the factors influencing the purchase act (who buys, when, where, how or who consumes?).

A third moment of truth relates to the feedback communication from the consumer to the manufacturer or towards colleagues, friends and family.

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