Gift promotion

What is a gift promotion?

With summer comes the best season for gift promotions!

Simply said these promotions consist in offering the shopper some gift item given the purchase of a certain number of products. Beach balls, towels, hats, glasses… the possibilities are endless and not always related to the brand or its moment of consumption.

However, all these offers have one thing in common: they are always linked to a MASSIVE purchase of products.

Example: during the European Soccer Championship won by Italy in 2021, Heineken was offering one glass for every 6 cans purchased and, in the same advertisement encouraged shoppers to buy 24 cans to take 4 glasses!

The logic behind it: football is not watched alone and each of your friends also deserves to drink their beer out of a Heineken glass!

Result: the trigger of a massive purchase of product, often unplanned!

Some of these gifts have achieved cult status and many are collectibles such as Coca-Cola glasses or nivea beach balls.

Obviously, this type of promotion involves a high cost linked to the gift itself and the supply chain disruption, but it often allows to create a long-term relationship with the consumer who will use it on a recurring basis and will be exposed to the brand every time he empties the dishwasher or is lying on the beach on a nice Pepsi towel.

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