The 7 V of Big Data

What are the 7 V of Big Data?

The “7 V” help to explain the concept. There is no consensus on how many “V” have to be taken into consideration and in fact the list of these has been increased, but we can say that the extended “7 V” of Big Data are:

  • Volume: we are talking about data or combinations of data sets that cannot be stored in a traditional system.
  • Variety: sets of information of different type and source.
  • Velocity: it grows at high speed, and more importantly, it forces it to be processed quickly.
  • Veracity: knowing the reliability of the data collected is essential for its correct exploitation.
  • Value: a large amount of data counts, frequently, has valuable information, how to achieve that value efficiently is a daily challenge.
  • Visualization: the goal is to convert large masses of data into graphs that display the most important values in a dynamic and well-structured way.
  • Variability: the big data environment is very changeable, so it forces predictive models and workers to be constantly updating.

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