Types of shopping Trips

The classification of shopping trips into the four categories proposed below is one of the most classic. This is an example that can be modified and adapted according to the specificities of each category.

Stock-up purchase

  • Less urgent, planned purchase, between one and four times per month.
  • Greater sensitivity to prices and promotions.
  • Importance of staying within a defined purchasing budget.
  • Objective to meet the needs of different family members.
  • This type of shopping trip is the most important in average ticket amount and represents about 40% of the total household FMCG purchases.

Daily purchase

  • Characterized by the purchase of fresh produce. The elements of quality, variety and price are very important.
  • In this type of mission, the shopper expands the scope of stores visited, including specialty points of sale according on such categories as fruit and vegetables, bakery, or meat products.
  • It is a type of shopping trip to which the shopper devotes less time, prioritizing such stores where he could do it faster and more easily.

Opportunity purchase

  • Shops are strategically located in frequented places
  • Quick act of purchase
  • The objective is to cover specific needs without wasting time

Specific purchase

  • They concern primarily specialty products such as wine, gourmet or exotic products.
  • This shopping trip is shared between generalist supermarkets and hypermarkets and “category killers” stores specializing in specific and limited categories but offering with very wide ranges.

Some quantitative data (source IRI USA)

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