Sell In

What is the sell in?

The sell-in is the number of sales or units sold of a brand or reference to a distributor or point of sale.

This concept is associated with “deliveries” over a period would it be centrally (to the distributor’s logistics platforms) or directly to the points of sales.

The model of direct delivery to the point of sale began to disappear at the end of the 90s in favor of a centralization of deliveries.

The centralization of sell-in allowed significant supply chain cost savings and efficiency improvements at the expense of sales visibility at store level for manufacturers.

Some of them, such as Danone or the Bimbo group, still use this direct-to-store delivery model today in some countries.

To recover the visibility of the sale at the point of sale, manufacturers can count on, for example, stores sell-out information facilitated by retailers.

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